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Our Environmental Policy

Lake District Adventures aims to be an environmentally friendly company and our goal is to leave a very small footprint. We aim to achieve this in the following ways:
  • All cans, bottles and plastics are to be recycled
  • All other waste to be composted if practical
  • Lights to be eco friendly and / or solar powered
  • As more power is needed in the office & sheds we will explore changing to full solar or other renewable energy sources
  • All dead batteries to be placed in a separate container to be deposited at Putaruru Landfill battery dump
  • All cleaning products to be organic & biodegradable
  • All toilet products to be septic-tank friendly
  • Guides and staff are to collect any rubbish from the lake or trails whilst out on tours, or when transporting customers
  • Planting trees along waterways, and ensuring tracks and streams are free of debris

If you think we could be doing something better, please let us know! We are always looking for ways to improve and become as eco-friendly as possible. We believe it's our responsibility to look after and help sustain and improve the area we work, live and play in for future generations.


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