Hey guys,

We both really enjoyed our experience with you. All the crew were exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. All the equipment was great and it seemed very well organised. We will both be recommending your business to our friends and family.

Thanks again for a great time out on the lake with the worms!

Kind regards,



We loved the glow worm tour. Relaxed, easy going and friendly. Will certainly recommend to our Aussie friends.


Alison and Penny


We loved the glow worm tour thanks! Would definitely recommend it. The trip was very well organised and we felt really safe - no problem for us inexperienced kayakers and our 11 year old son. There was just enough talk and information to suit us. The weather was perfect and we saw loads of glow worms. The warm drink and snack half way just hit the spot too. I liked the fact everything was reusable and we didn't create any rubbish.

Next time we would make sure we brought wool socks (our son's feet took a while to get the feeling back afterwards) and it was handy to have our drink bottles.

Meeting Rusty the dog was the icing on the cake at the end.

Absolutely fantastic, well done.

CheersJane, Phil and Charlie

We visited the Lake District adventures in June and did the glow worm kayak tour. From 2 months of traveling across New Zealand and countless tours this was by far the BEST experience we encountered across all of New Zealand (and New Zealand has a pretty great tourism industry!!). Not only was the landscape breath taking and one of the most unique things we have ever seen, but their hospitality and outgoingness was incredible. Not planning on doing any tours the day we arrived, they round up Lofty, a family member, to come down and do a private tour for us regardless. They went above and beyond expectations and created the most welcoming feeling for us. Lofty was UNBELIEVABLE!!! His knowledge and past experiences set him apart from every other guide we have ever met while traveling. He was personable, engaging and very brilliant at what he does. We left the tour having learnt far more than expected and seeing more than we had anticipated. They really took incredible care in every aspect of our experience, even packing up home made cookies and tea for us when we got out of our boats and waited for the sun to finish setting. We have talked about this trip to many many people since, and chat about the memories from it all the time! Cannot recommend this tour and this family business enough. 

Thank you so much to the whole family again for our wonderful experience!

Jenna Macken


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